Mick Gleissner Underwater Fashion Photographer

Mick's Biography
Mick Gleissner The underwater environment is of a very different kind. Capturing images of its magnificence has always been considered a demanding form of photography, since it requires very specialized equipment and techniques to do well. While most underwater photographers specialize in photographing animal life and underwater landscapes (some focus on shipwrecks, submerged cave systems, and the like) Mick Gleissner decided to up the ante by dedicating himself to a different sort of underwater photography.

Mick Gleissner's Underwater Fashion Photography

Noted underwater photographer Mick Gleissner has traveled around the globe, but it was Asia that captured his imagination and heart. For over ten years now, Mick has been immortalizing the beauty of Southeast Asia's underwater world through photography.

In 2005, he raised the bar when he merged his passion for diving and photography with his fascination for Mick Shootingfashion and beautiful women. The stunning amalgamation is Mick Gleissner's Underwater Fashion Photography.

Just about immediately, Mick Gleissner's Underwater Fashion Photography caught the attention of television's fashion authority, Fashion TV. In a partnership that spelled sizzling chemistry, both trendsetters joined forces to kick-start 2006 with the Fashion TV Calendar 2006: Nautical Angels Underwater. Featuring an array of Mick's breathtaking underwater pictures, the Fashion TV Calendar 2006: Nautical Angels Underwater was Fashion TV's official calendar for 2006.

Portraying beautiful daredevil models called "mermaids" in unique and intricate underwater set designs, Mick's revolutionary form of underwater photography has continuously captured the attention of international acclaimed media. Among those that have featured his work are Elle, Maxim, Photo, Photographie, Seastar and Duiken's magazines, and The Weekend Standard and Metro dailies.

With depictions that range from a submerged boxing ring to undersea surfing and a beautiful "mermaid" holding office underwater, the surrealism of Mick Gleissner's photographs continues to give the human eye a visual treat.